Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Story

Hello, and welcome to Huckleberry Harmony!

Let me tell you a little about myself and my family.

We live in the country, and our nearest neighbors are quite a ways down the road. Our little acerage consists of the old home place, several barns, a small greenhouse, and what Hubby lovingly refers to as his "Shack out Back." Although, since it is equipped with a full seating area, television, and all of the amenities of the house, you really can't call it a shack, now can you? But, he does, LOL! There is a small pond, and a crick in the back patch of woods. It is, simply put, Home.

We are avid gardeners, and have several grape arbors, and a huge huckleberry, and blueberry patch, hence the name of my new blog. We also have a large vegitable garden, and flowerbeds galore, which is my passion. Everything from sage and thyme to roses and irises are grown on our little plot of earth. We also have ferns, salvia of multiple varities, old-fashioned petunias, marigolds, vinca, fushia, begonias, butterfly bushes in profusion, and about twenty other types of flowers gracing our landscape. One of my very favorite though, is the lavender. It has such a heavenly scent, and is both beautiful and practical for our use for drying to make sachets and potpourris.

We have chickens for fresh eggs, and meat. And we also have a monster Jack Russel Terrier named Katiedyd, who thinks she is a Great Dane. Then, there is Spotnick, our rabbit, who believes she is a cat. We help with a goat herd, and I am just aching for a milch cow, but, that may come in the future a-ways.

I am a homeschool mom, and I love it! I am also a wanna-be farmer, cook, maid, licensed nurse, brick-layer, cement mixer, welder, and about twenty other things, too, LOL! What is that saying? Oh, yes! A jack-of-all-trades, but a master-to-none! I am also a feature writer for the Front Porch, under the Simple and Frugal Living Posts. It is a wonderful community, so drop in and visit sometime, if you have a notion. I have two blogs there,, and, so visit me there, if you would like.

Hubs is a welder, a builder of all things wood and metal, and a wonderful man whom I love dearly. He is also the fixer of the broken, the mender of hearts, and the love of my life.

We began this trek to simple living many years ago, both of us having been raised on a farm, although we traveled different routes for quite a few of them. He chose to remain close to the land most of his life, and I ventured out into the corporate world for a few years. Now, due to health issues, I can only work part-time, but, I am finding more and more, that a life lived simply is the best of lives.

I have been a Christian for many years, but, wandered from my faith several times. I am thankful to God that He has never let go of me, though I often let go of Him in times past. How grateful I am for His mercy, which is new every morning. In a way, the journey has brought me full circle...from thinking of my independence to realizing that freedom, true freedom, comes only through a life lived in Christ.

Our story is like so many others today. We are seeking to simplify, and to remain close to God, each other, and the land. This blog will be glimpses of that journey from time to time. I hope you will join us, as we seek His will, and find our way, at Huckleberry Harmony. You are most welcome.

Until we meet again, may the Lord bless you GOOD!