Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Doin's and Pics

Little one and I made soap this weekend, both goats milk, and glycerin bars. I thought I would share some pics with you of that.


We chose to mold the soap in some lovely molds that I found at Hobby Lobby, imprinted with roses and cameos. Feminine and pretty, they just add a touch of whimsy, and we both enjoy that, :).

Here is a picture of Little One holding her Lavender and Invigorating Blend soap. It is very blue, as you can see. We use all natural fruit and veggie dyes for our soaps, and this dye is made from blueberry.


Though the photographer is not the best (meaning me, of course, LOL), here is a picture of the Strawberry soap we made.


This shows some of our completed soaps, Lavender and Invigorating Blend goats milk, Lemon Verbena with Orange Peel glycerin bars, and Strawberry and Citrus goats milk.


I feel it is very important to share these Home Arts with Little One, and I pray that as she continues to grow in her love of the Lord, and all things "home," she will conitue to pursue talents in this area. At our home, we stress the importance of being independent, and seeking ways to simplify in all things...even in soap, :).

She loves helping, and she has already mastered cross stitch, and some cooking skills. I am very proud of her desire to learn, and that she continues to pursue those gifts which the Lord has given her. I firmly believe each child has talents and gifts from God, and they should be encouraged, nurtured and treasured to the highest, don't you?

We did not get to do much work in the garden, because we had afternoon thunderstorms every day this weekend. We would have bogged down to our ankles, or even further. Happily, I had weeded, and Hubs had just "plowed between the rows on Thursday, so the garden looks nice, and the weeds are gone for the time being. I thought I would share a couple of those pics, too, :).


Remember when I was writing about companion plantings for the Front Porch? Here is an example in the garden: watermelons with corn:


I believe we are going to have bumper crops of tomatoes and peppers, too!


All in all, a good weekend! Praying You had one, too!

Until we meet again, may the Lord bless you GOOD!

In Him,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I HATE Snakes!

Well, it has been a DAY, and I am so tired, I think even my muscles that are in good shape are groaning...sigh.

I worked this morning, and on into the afternoon, finally making it home close to 4 o'clock, and of course, it is now time to serve supper, then dishes and so and so forth...bleck! Ok, I am just a little on the grumpy side, probably from lack of sleep, and that is the story I am about to share!

I think it all has to do with my SNAKE wrangling late yesterday afternoon, and early night. Hubs and I were out in the huckleberry patch, (we seem to live there the last week of May, and the whole month of June), and as we were placing trimmed limbs and such on the brush pile for burning, I noticed something bright orange, just a flash, mind you. Well, I went on about my business, and the Hubs had other things to do, too. So he left, and I went inside for a while to do some thing in the house and on the computer.

About an hour later, I went out to my car to get something, and again, that bright FLASH of orangey-red, and then I KNEW...WATER MOCCASIN! Now, I am not generally afraid of snakes, but this one had caught me off guard, completely. I have long since worn a holster and pistol at all times while working in the yard because we have had such problems in the past, and I did have them on. But this snake was HUGE!

Anyway to make a long story short, I shot the snake a couple of times, but, I didn't make a "killing" shot, and that rotten so and so crawled right up under my car, and sat there, curled up behind my tire where I could not get another clear shot! For TWO HOURS! (Did I mention that I HATE snakes? No? Well, I HATE SNAKES!)

So, there I was, Pistol-Packing Mama, waiting for this thing to move...and move he did, finally, like a steak of lightening...but, he now resides in snakey heaven, or wherever the heck snakes go to when they die, and to tell the truth, who cares, so long as it is anywhere, I AIN"T!! That last shot was a good one,and trust me, I will be toting that pistol for a while longer! I wish I had thought to take a pic, but to tell the truth, three shots with a 32 does just a wee bit of damage, and there wasn't a lot left.

Is it ok if I smile about that? BTW, I HATE SNAKES. I know, there are many who serve a purpose, and maybe that one had one too, but whatever it was, I sure hope he got it done before yesterday....and YES, I am smiling!

In my personal opinion, the only good snake is a dead snake, or one I NEVER have to see!

Brrrrrr, I am still a little shaken up...can you tell? Yipes!

Hope y'all have a nice night, and a snake-free one, too!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday's Musings

Morning everyone, and may the Lord bless you today! I have no plans for today, LOL! Seriously! I have decided to take a "vacation" from housework...since I am mostly caught up, anyway, :), and I want to have a "ramble and muse." day. It is a perfect one for it, cloudy with showers off and on, and nice and cool...wonderful!

I think Little One and I might head down to the Farmer's Market, and do our schoolwork on the porch swing. I might even break down, and head over to the bookstore for a new read...that in itself will be an adventure, since the nearest one is almost thirty miles away!

Living in the country is so wonderful most of the time, I don't even mind the drive. We can turn on the radio and sing a long with some tunes, roll the window down, and let the wind ruffle our hair, and maybe even stop by the mineral spring for some water...

Yep, gonna be a nice day...I pray you have one, too!

Until we meet again, may the Lord bless you GOOD!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Glorious Day (Living He loved me) ~Casting Crowns

Living, He loved me,

Dying He saved me!

This song says it all....Glorious Day!

Blessing in Him,


Friday, May 21, 2010

Finding My Way

Well, during this time of change at my primary home on HSB, so many of my friends are leaving, coming to Blogger. Not sure whether that will be a permanent move, or temporary. I feel almost as lost here, since I have no idea how to find anyone, LOL, if they don't send me their addy on, if I am missing your posts, please forgive me! And just know that I am still thinking of you!
On the homefront, I have been busy crafting, and Spring Cleaning. The Spring Clean deal is on hold for today, and I am resting. I think I really need it after two days of the house being turned inside-out to get windows, closets, cabinet, and every surface sparkling again....then I ask myself, why the heck do I worry so much about it? Answer: Who the heck knows, LOL!

In the crafting department: here are a couple of pics of my most recent projects:

This is a Wall quilt I completed with a Japanese fan motif. I loved the colors, and it fits in well with another project I have in mind, but have yet to complete!

I did complete my sofa afghan, however, and even crocheted tow pillow covers with a bit of an abstract theme:

That's about all the news for now. I pray you are all well, and having a great day! God bless!