Saturday, June 5, 2010

Amazing Grace ( My Chains are Gone)


montanaprairiemom said...

Hello Bev. I came to blogger to follow my sister-in-law's blog. It seems that HSB has become less user friendly, so I think I will make the move and stay here. Please stop by. Denise

Treasures Evermore said...

I will check out this video...forgot to mention on my previous comment that Little One looks like she truly is enjoying her chicks.

And as for the previous comment, HSB has become less user friendly, I agree:-(

Gentleliving7 said...

Hello Bev,
It is me, hopefulheart. I havent posted anything yet on gentleliving but I am working on it. Your blog here is just beautiful!!!! I signed up to be a follower. Many blessings, my friend.

Hopeful Heart said...

Hi, it's me Patti. I learned through Denise that you are here. I started blogging again last week, and I mentioned that to Denise. I wanted to blog again and I found that HSB was too confusing; plus, I can have a prettier blog here than there, due to knowing how to do HTML here. I've blogged here in the past, so I know my way around. Also, as you know, I never felt I totally fit in at HSB.

In April, we had an adoption fall through (13 month old girl), and as I have been crying out to the Lord about that and our desire to move, I always hear him tell me to "keep a hopeful heart." so, I wanted "Keeping a hopeful heart" to be my username here, but doing so made the name part of my "about me" section too long, so I shortened it to "Hopeful Heart." The photo is a childhood photo, which I am currently using on Facebook.

I have found some lovely romantic, tea-time blogs here, and since that is SO me, I have decided to get involved in some of the "blog parties" they host each day.

Please stop by...or email me. I've missed hearing from you.

Love and hugs,
Patti (Of Days and Dreams)