Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Intimacy With God

Blessings dear Friends!

Today has been a good day, despite the battles in my body. I will be going in the A.M. for some tests, and a Dr visit. I know the Father has the best for me, so though I dread the preliminaries, I fear not the results, for God is my Healer, and I stand in His promises.

A friend of mine wrote to me this morning of seeking the Lord deeply, and, as He so often does with Sisters in Him, He has me much in the same place at the moment. I, too, am seeking His will in my life, with renewed vigor. I need Him as I need air, and I crave His presence, as I crave life, and that lived more abundantly. More of Him, and less of me...

I have a book by Joyce Meyer, entitled, "Knowing God Intimately." In this book, she speaks of how she has had to stand on faith in many areas of her life...for finances, for healing, her ministry, and for miracles for others. She also talks of those things we can do as Christians to envelope ourselves in a close, personal relationship with God. Her life is a testimony to her faith...I want mine to be like that, don't you? She uses many analogies to show how the Lord oepns us to new experiences in Him, because we SEEK Him. I love hers, but the following are what the Lord has given me to share today. May they bless, and minister to you, as He has to me!

Growing in Faith in God, is, to me, is a bit like exercising. When we are working out, we


to warm up, and we


to cool down. Our bodies must have time to adjust to the changes that will happen before, and have taken place after, we do our routines, amen? So, too, must our spirits have "time with God". We must delve deeply into His Word, and prayer, and push ourselves beyond what we think of as attainable. Nothing is impossible with God, and "those who seek Me shall find me." We must be willing to let our spirit be stretched in the ways of the Lord.

The Word tells us that we are to ask, to knock, and to seek. If we neglect even one of these areas in our spiritual lives, something goes lacking, just as when we neglect our muscles, they grow flabby and out of shape. If we want true intimacy with the Lord, we must:

ASK for it!

KNOCK obstacles out of the way!

SEEK Him with all of our hearts, mind, body and spirit!

To "seek" means to be diligently looking for, and forward to, to work without restraint towards a goal, and to push beyond obstacles to reach what we want. Intimacy with the Father, that "one on one," deep and abiding love, loyalty, and devotion that we need in our daily lives can only be accomplished by seeking Him with our all. He is reminding me of that of late, and I am grateful for it.

Like Joyce says:

"When you sit in the presence of God, even if you don't feel like you are learning anything new, you are still sowing good seed into your life that will produce a good harvest. With persistence, you will get to the point where you understand more of God's Word, where you are having great fellowship with God, where you are talking to Him, AND he is talking to you. You will sense His presence in your life that will amaze you. Don't spend your time chasing blessings. Spend you time chasing God, and the blessings will chase you!"

I love that! His blessings will be chasing US, as we seek Him!

I encourage you today, take time to worship, make moments to simply "abide" with the Lord. The rewards are far more precious than my limited vocabulary can express. Do not go by "feelings," but focus on His truth...




and then...


May the Lord bless you GOOD!

In Him,


Gentleliving7 said...

Good evening,
This is a beautiful, beautiful post.I am standing with you in prayer. As you know, God has moved in our lives as I have spent much more time in His presence. Thank you so much for your support.

I can't wait to talk to you,
I have so much to tell you.

Love ya

Treasures Evermore said...

Wow, oh wow...what an awesome post. Something I need today. So hard now with blogspot...cannot send private messages. So much to talk with you about. UGH!!

I will be praying dear friend for your dr's appointment and for healing in your body.

Love you friend,

A Gardner's Cottage said...

Simpleoldgurl I think you are the sweetest!!! Your words on both this post and the comments you have been leaving me are such a blessing and an encouragement! Praying all is well with you this evening as you trust in Him.