Monday, June 21, 2010

Empty Me

Blessings One and All.  I pray your day has been filled with the joy of the Lord.

In recent times, much has been happening at home...quiet times seem to be at a minimum, and drama at the maximum.  So many are in true need of  the love of family at present. As the days have passed within the last week, we have been called to prayer many, many times.  Hubby and I have been challenged, harried and hurried, and it has been a trial...yet, a blessing, too!  Isn't it amazing how the enemy brings drama, but what he has meant for evil, God will turm to good? 

Having faced significant battles with my health the last few days has made it very difficult at times, to be a help to others, and though I am loathe to admit it, my attitude has been less than chairtable in some of these moments.  How then, do I rectify, and rationalize beahavior that I know is less than Christ-like? Truth be told, I can not.  What I can, and must do, is go to God in my prayer closet, and ask Him to empty me of my selfish wants, and let myself be used by Him, as He has called me to be.  Not because of who I am, but, because of who He is!

Have you ever stood before a mirror and simply looked at yourself?  Not the reflection you see, but who you are? I have...and I am not happy with what I have seen.  Never ask God to show the "truth of who I am,"  if you are not prepared to see it. It seems there is still so much work left within me that needs doing...and I am not the One who can do it.  God can, though, if I will but surrender to Him.  There is hope for me, yet, in His time, and mercy.

I once heard someone say that our time upon this Earth is but a fleeting shadow...a "proving ground" for who we will become in Eternity.  If that is so, then, there is much that I need to surrender to Him. So, as I sit here tonight, that is my plea...Father, more of You, and less of me!

Quietly, in this small room, He ministers to my heart, words of love and comfort, and promises that one day, all will be revealed, and His plan and purpose for my life will come to fruition. And, what He will do for me, He will do for you, as well. His love for us is without reservation. 

It is not in the large things that we do for Him that we make such a difference.  Many are called to preach, to teach, to evangilize...but, it is in the simplest of things that the biggest changes are manifested...if you do not believe this, simply remember the person who prays for you, and the one who stands beside you when no one else would do so...if a person can choose to do this, then how much more so will your Heavenly Father? No it is not who we are, or what we can do, that speaks of how God moves within us, and lets us be of help to others. I t is in the solitude of a Momma's prayer, the simplicity of a child at worship, and our yearning for His presence so deeply, that we ache for it, that it becomes us He has given His all, and to Him, we owe our all.

Father, help me to remember in those times when I grow weary, that my purpose upon this Earth is to bring honor and glory to Your name.  Help me to spread gentle and loving kindeness where there has been hurt.  Show me Your ways, Lord, that I might not sin against you.  Open the eyes of my heart, and the depths of my soul to Your goodness, that I might be an instrument of love and peace in You. Most of all, Dear Abba, let me love others as You have loved me...without reservation.  In Jesus name, amen


A Hopeful Heart said...

God has answered your prayer, my dear. You spread gentle and loving kindness to this heart, which has often been hurt by those that call themselves by our Savior's name. You have loved me as Christ has loved...without reservation.

Those are just some of the reasons why I love you!!


Treasures Evermore said...

I ditto above comment. You are a ray of sunshine for all of us here. You definitely spread so much love, encouragement and friendship to my heart and soul...God shined when he allowed you to cross my blog-path.

Love you friend...and have a wonderful weekend.


A Gardner's Cottage said...

ok, I have to agree with the two comments above. You realy are special and I am blessed EVERY time I come to visit.

I pray that you have a sweet week end full of many blessings.


Treasures Evermore said...

Ok dear friend you are starting to worry me....please leave a comment on my blog so I know you are alright. I've missed you blogging and now I see it's been a LONG time. I know other friends who have decided not to blog anymore and that's least they are fine. So, me being the worrying kind (trying not to be LOL), I'm worried about you.

I tried leaving a comment on HSB but didn't realize that after a certain amount of time, the comment section gets closed. Hoping you get this.

Praying all is well.